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Industriegruppe «Ukrfilterservis» Werk «Filtr» GmbH


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Reusable respirator. It is intended to protect respiratory organs against vapors and gases of harmful substances at concentrations not more 0,1% of volume and oxygen volume content not less 17%.
The respirator consists of a rubber half-mask, woven obturator (or without one), a headband and two replaceable cartridges with special absorbent (sorbent). Cartridges can be fitted with dust filters to protect against aerosols in the form of dust, smoke or mist at concentrations not more 200 mg/m3.
Intended to protect against:

vapors of organic connections (gasoline, kerosene, acetone, benzene, toluene, xylene, carbon disulfide, alcohols, ethers, aniline, lead tetraethyl, benzene nitrocompounds and its homologs, phosphorus – and –chlorocarbon pesticides).

Intended to protect against:

Acid gases and vapors (sulfur dioxide, formic, acetic, sulfuric, nitric acids etc).

Intended to protect against:

Ammonia, amines.
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Industriegruppe «Ukrfilterservis» Werk «Filtr» GmbH

Street:23, Lenina Ave.
Postal code:84601
Phone: +38 0624 521530
Fax: +38 0624 521531

Contact person

Name and Surname: Natalya Falina
Phone: +38 0624 521530
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