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Industriegruppe «Ukrfilterservis» Werk «Filtr» GmbH

[Ukraine] GAS FILTER “DON”

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Gas filter “Don” is intended for completing of industrial gas respirators which have full face mask.

Special features:

# impact resistant (under mechanical impact there are no marks which could occur on the metal canisters and make places with nontight sorbent that may cause gas leakage in result;
# no corrosive activity of chemical filling against filter’s canister;
# does not cause sparking that is of great importance when working in atmosphere with large concentration of organic and inorganic gases and vapours (CH4, H2S, H2, oil products, HNO3 production etc.);
# it has a changeable prefilter.

Type-A, B, E, K, ABEK
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Industriegruppe «Ukrfilterservis» Werk «Filtr» GmbH

Street:23, Lenina Ave.
Postal code:84601
Phone: +38 0624 521530
Fax: +38 0624 521531

Contact person

Name and Surname: Natalya Falina
Phone: +38 0624 521530
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